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HVAC Duct Cleaning



System Inspection: Before we go in guns blazing, we assess the HVAC indoor air handler and coils cleanliness due to Florida's humidity. Inspection assures there is no possible mold growth already growing that could cause health issues during cleaning. If issues are found each and every one of our technicians are indoor air quality certified and able to handle any problem that could arise.


Create A Negative Vacuum

This is where we put our Commercial Grade 5,000 CFM (The power of 100+ Dyson Vacuums) HEPA Filtered Commercial Grade Vacuums To Use! We start by hooking up to the best determined vent by the technician durining the Job Walkthrough in Step 1. This creates a negative pressure on the system by closing everything off except for the vent we are cleaning and the vacuum.


Agitate & Remove Dust, Dirt & Debris
Once the negative pressure has been created with our powerful vacuum we clean each vent one by one pulling or push all dust, dirt and debris to our  vacuuming using air whips. An air whip is a type of brush that is specially designed to scrub square duct work. We use either a forward or reverse air whip to scrub the main trunk lines, pulling the dust and debris back to the vacuum. This allows us to remove all the unwanted debris from your air duct and HVAC system.


Enjoy your now clean HVAC ducting!

Do you need a HVAC duct clean?


If you are noticing dust around your HVAC vents, the short answer is yes. Typically when you see an accumulation of dust around your vents, mold will begin to form as a result. Not only that, but other allergy causing debris such as: skin cells, pet allergens, pollen, mold, insulation, etc...


On average, our duct clean cost between $500-$750 depending on how many vents and units will need to be cleaned.

If microbial growth is present, we will charge a small additional fee to clean your ducts with an antimicrobial agent. This is usually around $250.

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