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Mold Testing
& Assessment

What is mold testing and a mold assessment?

Mold testing is typically done by taking an air quality sample or direct examination sample of and affected area or HVAC vent. The assessment portion is done by inspecting the entirety of the home for mold. This information will be translated into an easy to read report that will include remediation guidelines so your home is repaired adequately!

Is mold testing and mold assessment necessary?

Usually if you have an airborne growth issue, there are signs such as a musty odor or allergy like symptoms are occurring. Allergy like symptoms such as runny nose, headaches, eye irritation, trouble breathing, and feeling lethargic. If you have a musty odor in a particular room, there is usually a source of water intrusion or lack of dehumidification which can result in isolated growth. Having a professional assessment done can save you thousands on mold remediation!

How much does mold testing and an assessment cost?

Our entry level mold testing and inspection costs $349 and will increase by $50 for every additional sample performed.

How long does mold testing and a mold inspection take?

Inspections typically take 30 minutes up to one hour depending on the size of the home.

What areas will be observed during the inspection?









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