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Air Quality Testing

What is air quality testing?

Indoor air quality tests measure the air for things such as allergens, mold, and radon, among others. These tests can show whether the quality of your indoor air is either safe or dangerous. A good test will measure and tell you accurately what is in the air inside your home or office.

Is air quality test necessary?

Over time, some indoor air pollutants increase the risk of respiratory disease, heart problems, and cancer. You can therefore improve your short- and long-term health by having your indoor air tested and taking measures to correct any problems

How much does an air quality test cost?

Our entry level air quality tests costs $299 or combine it with a home inspection and get an air quality test starting at $249. For every additional test performed there will be an additional $50 charge.

How long does an air quality test take?

Inspections typically take 30 minutes up to one hour depending on the size of the home.

What areas will be observed during the inspection?





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