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4-Point Inspection

What is a 4-point inspection?

A 4-point inspection is far less in scope than a standard home inspection. This 4-point inspection is a limited, visual survey of the roof, electrical, heating/cooling, and plumbing systems.

Do I need a 4-point inspection?

A 4-point inspection is typically performed for a homeowner when requested or required by their insurance company to obtain a new insurance policy or renew an existing policy.

How much is a 4-point inspection?

The cost of a 4-point inspection is $149 or $69 if combined with a home inspection. This includes the inspection, permit research, and report.

How long does a 4-point inspection take?

Inspections typically take 30 minutes up to one hour depending on the size of the home.

What areas will be observed during the inspection?





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