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Providing all of your mold needs!



Smelling a musty odor? Suspect airborne growth? Without physical evidence, air quality testing is the only way to determine if your home is experiencing an airborne mold issue. Our samples are taken using the industries leading technology and reviewed by lab technicians. We will be able to find out how extensive the spread is and how fast it is multiplying. Pair your mold testing with a mold inspection to get the best bang for your buck!



By inspecting the typical "problem areas", we can pinpoint an issues origin using a water meter to detect moisture. Exterior walls and interior plumbing supply lines will be visually inspected for warping and staining. We know the problem sections of your home and understand how the species of mold in Northeast Florida behave. This inspection will help determine the means of remediation if necessary. 



There's a reason you must be licensed for mold remediation in Florida! If the work is not performed using the industry standard protocol in chronological order, it will result in airborne growth affecting your entire home by working its way into the HVAC unit. By removing the source of mold and following remediation guidelines, it guarantees the work has been performed adequately.

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