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Termite WDO Inspection

What is a termite WDO inspection?

A termite WDO inspection is a visual walk through of the property inspecting for wood destroying organisms or WDO. Termites and wood destroying organisms can cause severe structural damage that can cost you big! 

Do I need a termite WDO inspection?

Termite WDO inspections are required before the sale of a house in Florida when the buyer is applying for a mortgage, an FHA loan, VA loan, or HUD loan. Not only are they required but necessary for your homes health.

How much is a termite WDO inspection?

The cost of a termite WDO inspection is $149 or $99 when combined with a home inspection.

How long does a termite WDO inspection take?

Inspections typically take 30 minutes up to one hour depending on the size of the home.

What areas will be observed during the inspection?





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